Innovative Products & Supplies for Foot Pain and Other Disorders

Southeast Foot & Ankle Center, Inc. is certified to dispense an array of medical supplies and products from our convenient location. Schedule a visit to our office, and gain instant access to the latest technology to hit the market. No matter what seems to be the problem with your feet, ankles, and legs, we will be able to provide the right supplies to ease the pain.

Take a look at each of the following sections to learn more about our current selection. If you have any additional questions concerning the listed items, be sure to contact the clinic. Call (907) 789-5518 to learn more.

Browse our selection of products from FUNGO-X, Gilden Tree, and Gordon Laboratories.

Cushions & Pads
We feature cushions and pads designed to address various foot, ankle, and leg deformities.

Toe Straighteners & Toe Spreaders
We provide separators designed to treat bunions and hammertoes.

Splints, Canes & Walkers
Our selection makes it easy for patients to get around.

Braces & Supports
Our braces and supports are designed to ease pain and hasten the healing process.

Implements & Files
Keep problem areas in check with our implements and files.

Skincare & Nailcare Products
We offer a selection of Wet Frog products to ensure proper skin and nail health.

Be sure to ask about our selection of socks for diabetic foot care, compression socks, and orthotics-friendly socks.

Stretching Aids
We offer stretching aids and night splints to ensure prolonged comfort.

Shoes & Slippers
Shop a collection of recommended shoes by top manufacturers like Brooks, Hoka, Clarks, and Dr. Comfort. We also stock custom shoes and slippers to suit your needs.

Topical Analgesic
Ease foot pain when you take advantage of our topical selection.

Foot Supports & Insoles
A large portion of our patients are required to use foot supports and insoles. This technology provides a comfortable and affordable treatment option to combat a wide array of foot and ankle problems. Keeping this in mind, our clinic offers custom orthotics produced by Footmaxx, Northwest Podiatry Lab, and Earthwalk. We also stock prefabricated products from Pure Stride, Superfeet, and SOLE.

If you’re interested in learning more about our arch supports, heel cushions, or insoles, be sure to schedule an appointment today. All you have to do is call (907) 789-5518 to learn more.

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