Anh T. Lam – Doctor of Podiatry Medicine
When choosing a physician to treat foot pain, experience is a must. In order to properly diagnose your issue, prospective specialists should possess the proper credentials as well as a proven track record. With the assistance of Dr. Ahn T. Lam, local patients access 15 years of invaluable practice experience.

Dr. Lam takes great pride in assisting the local Juneau, AK community with a versatile selection of medical and surgical services. As a doctor of podiatry medicine, Anh will provide accurate diagnostic work before developing a strong course of treatment. When all is said and done, patients find themselves on the road toward recovery.

Dr. Lam offers treatment to pain sufferers of all ages and is always prepared to accept new patients. He also administers care once each month at the Ketchikan Clinic. No matter the severity of your foot, ankle, or leg problem, Dr. Anh T. Lam is prepared to improve your condition.

Check back soon to learn more about our staff members. If you have any additional questions or concerns, be sure to call (800) 569-0907.
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