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Is my foot and ankle pain common?
Definitely. The more time you spend on your feet during the day, the more your feet will hurt, even without a precise diagnosis. Complaints of tired, sore, swollen or painful feet can mean something different for each person. For some, pain develops due to a lack of natural fat padding on the bottom of the foot. Other sufferers develop plantar fasciitis, an inflammatory condition of the plantar fascia (the thick connective tissue beneath the skin that runs from heel to toes). We also treat many nerve problems that have to be considered in an examination.
What is the overall plan and time frame for getting better?
Our staff will provide a time frame and explain when you should expect foot or ankle relief. We’ll also let you know when you can expect to resume normal activities and participate in sports. If this doesn’t happen according to the plan, an alternative strategy will then be developed.
What Is Plantar Fasciitis?
Some 15 million annual office visits are for complaints of plantar fasciitis, an injury to the tough band of fibrous connective tissues that stretch along the bottom of the foot. The tissue, which helps maintain the arch of the foot, constantly absorbs stress, especially when you run. Symptoms include a sharp or burning pain felt directly under or to the side of the heel. The problem typically develops after excessive heel impact, which can lead to irritation, inflammation or even partial tearing of the tissue. It is more likely to afflict the older exerciser than the younger person because the shock-absorbing pads in the heels start to thin out.
Do I need “orthotics?”
If you are experiencing foot problems, a visit to our clinic will help identify the best treatment available. Orthoses may be prescribed in some cases as part of an overall recovery plan.
When will you be holding your monthly clinic at the Mary Frances Condos?
Take a look at the included list to get a better sense of our 2017 dates. We administer care at a number of separate locations to best serve our patients.
  • March 11th
  • June 17th
  • September 9th
  • December 9th 
Do You Accept Insurance?
Of course! Southeast Foot & Ankle is a preferred provider for the following carriers.
  • Beech St.
  • MultiPlan
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • VA/Tricare (We require preauthorization and referral)
  • Medicaid/Denali Kid Care (Podiatry service coverage for children under the age of 21. Adults must have Medicare as primary.) 
Can I make my payment after receiving treatment?
If you choose to pay immediately after your appointment, we ask that you provide the complete payment. Keep in mind, we also offer separate financing plans.

Accepted Payment Options
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Debit Cards
  • Personal Checks
  • AMEX 
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